Happy New Year to everyone!  

At Jim Reitzel we hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and are starting 2019 off with a bang! Each and every year we make our New Year’s resolutions in good faith. This year will be the year that we change our habits and start on our road to success, whatever that may be to you. It is now the end of January and like most humans most of us have slipped back into our old habits and put our resolutions on hold. Don’t do it. January will become February then March and so on. It is not too late to stay on task. It is only the beginning of the year and you can save your resolution. Jim Reitzel offers you our 66 day challenge. 

Keller Williams has put a great deal of research into our 66 day challenge plan. We have found that success largely depends on habits, good and bad. We have been programmed to make our decisions and act on them based on our old habits. This can be an issue as we become more and more discouraged with our will to change.

The 1st thing to do is scale your resolutions down to one thing. The one thing that by doing it will make everything else easy or unnecessary. Finding the one habit will help you hit your goal. 

Once you have established your one thing begin to keep notes on your habit. As habits form we begin to act upon them without realizing it. Forcing yourself to write down when your habit surfaces throughout the day will allow you to identify and modify your triggers. For example if you are always late in the morning, your journal may start to show a pattern of spending too much time on social media before getting ready for work which is triggered by easy access to  your phone. 

Once your trigger is identified you can begin to alter your day to eliminate your trigger. For example, keeping your phone downstairs while you are getting ready or muting the phone so you don’t hear the notifications.

Breaking the cycle that triggers your habit allows you to make positive changes that will lead to progress and then on to success.

The 66 Day Challenge can help you on your way to a new habit. Studies have shown that it takes approximately 66 days to alter old habits or establish new habits. It is a 66 Day Calendar that you mark off each day that you are able to complete your new habit. Turned off my phone, check. You continue on and at the end of 10 weeks you will have a new habit and time to get a cup of coffee before you begin work.

Email kendall@JimReitzel.com and she will be happy to forward a copy of our 66-Day Challenge to you.

Good luck! Let us know how it worked for you.