Landscape perfect, curb appeal perfect, home immaculate, staging done but wait what’s that in the closet! Home owners your closets may be telling buyers more than what you think. From over packed disasters to funky smells your closets may ruin your sale. Throw open your closet doors sellers let’s take a look inside. 

Hers but not His:

Your marriage is near the end but you don’t want your buyer to know this. A buyer will pick up on signs that there may be trouble in your home. A divorce situation is emotional for you but may make the buyer think that you are in a hurry to sell. If your closet shows only women’s clothes and not men’s or if you have your husband’s clothes in the guest room it may indicate to the buyer that there may be an opportunity for a reduced price. Ensure that you have both sexes represented in your closets.

Unusual Hobbies:

We are not here to judge. What you do in your spare time is, of course, your own business. Having said that, however, we always remind our clients that buyers tend to open cupboards and closets. They sometimes want to inspect every nook and cranny in your home. Therefore, removing any articles that may offend or offer too much insight into your private life is strongly recommended.

Out of Sight Out of Mind:

You were preparing your home for sale and put all of your clutter in your closets and closed the door. There all done! Unfortunately, your potential buyer will be opening those doors. Opening a door to a mess or a stuffed closet will negate all of your cleaning and staging. The closet like the engine of a car is where the real truth lies. Your buyer will assume that your home was not well maintained before you put your home up and here is the proof. Your overstuffed closets will also make storage space in your home look smaller. Alternatively, a well maintained and organized closet will corroborate the evidence that you are a proud homeowner that has maintained your home throughout.

7 seconds to a Strong First Impression:

This is especially true of closets. Like unveiling a master piece opening the door to your closets should invoke and imprint feelings of pleasure, calm & serenity. Opening the closet door to darkness, old paint and unorganized chaos will leave the wrong 1st impression. We suggest painting the interior of your closets a bright, clean white. If you don’t have sufficient lighting consider installing a light. Organize your clothes by colour and hang them on attractive wood or felt hangers. Organize your shoes in a straight line and don’t have any articles on the floor of the closet. Fold your sweaters in a uniform manner. Tips of the day. Invest in fresh sprigs of lavender tied with bows and place them on top of your sweaters, towels etc. It will make the closet smell wonderful and many buyers will appreciate the special attention to detail. 

Not so Fresh:

Musk & mildew odours, no matter how pungent or faint will turn off a buyer. They immediately think unclean. Same can be said of running shoe odour or any other funky smells that may be emitting from your closets. Invest in closet deodorizes, fresh sprigs of rosemary or lavender and give your closets a good airing out. Be ruthless in your teenager’s closet. Old pizza mixed with gym socks do not add to the ambiance of your home.

OCD it:

Do you ever notice how commercials or ads always show fridges that are perfect? The lettuce is green, everything is clean, neat and positioned perfectly. Imagine if it wasn’t, if the fridge was cluttered, dirty, lettuce wilted. Would it decrease your desire to purchase that appliance? When selling your home you must remember you are presenting your home to a consumer and like a TV ad you must put your best face forward. So look at your cupboards. Are your cans stacked neatly with labels facing forward, are your pots organized by size with the pot lids on, are they gleaming? Are your closets colour coded with attractive hangers? Tip of the day: try labeling your linen closet. Imagine open up a linen closet to find attractive labels like blankets, towels, sheets etc. Would you fall in love? Now, what if they were labelled and had a sprig of fresh lavender. Wow! That would be a great added feature to reinforce that clean, organized, well maintained home feeling. Go through your cupboards and closets and be ruthless. Throw away, donate and store anything that you don’t need. Purchase some gorgeous accessory items that are put to the front of the closet and put the less attractive items in baskets out of the line of sight. 

Sticky Doors or Wobbly Handles:

We all get used to the quirks in our home, they are what makes our home unique. The buyer, however, is seeking perfection. That closet door that sticks may signal to a potential purchaser that other things may be askew in your home. Before putting your home on the market take a quick tour. Open all your closets and pull on all of your handles. Tighten any loose handles, clean and shine all hardware and oil or repair any doors that stick. Small things matter to people looking for fault.

Preparation is the cornerstone to a quick sale. Take the time to view your home with a unbiased eye. Pay attention to the small details. Watch a few home improvement shows, read a few blogs or bring in a fresh eye. A REALTOR would be a perfect choice. They are trained in staging techniques and have extensive knowledge of buyer’s preferences. Give us a call we would be happy to drop by and peek into your closets!